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Author Biographies

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FANSU NJIE is a master storyteller. As an accomplished feature film director, Njie has

expanded his passion for storytelling and creative approach. With his debut novel, Senja Chronicles,

co-authored with fellow filmmaker, Christopher M.

Allport, Njie has now become a published author.

Prior to the Senja Chronicles novel, Njie produced and directed the action-packed, internationally acclaimed Scandinavian feature Last Man Down (2021), which was released by Saban, SF Studios and Netflix, where it climbed to top ten in all major international markets.

Through Fansu’s visionary and imaginative settings, his authorship continues to take audiences on intense journeys through the gripping stories of provocative characters. With a bright future ahead, fans can look forward to many more exciting stories as Njie explores new ways of storytelling, while pushing creative boundaries in both literary and filmic genres.


Christopher M. Allport is an accomplished, award-winning filmmaker, actor, composer, screenwriter, journalist and author.


Magna cum laude, Allport earned his BA in Film Production (with an emphasis in screenwriting), alongside double minors in journalism and music at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  


With further studies in the private studios of the Mary Pickford, Annenberg and William Randolph Hearst Foundations, Allport became a scholar of Oscar winner Walter Murch’s storytelling philosophy.


Allport has worked alongside legendary directors, musicians, performers and politicians like Steven Spielberg, John Williams, The Beach Boys, Barbra Streisand, and even US President William Jefferson Clinton.


Most recently, Allport wrote and directed the internationally acclaimed, award-winning feature film Emily or Oscar? —

a film noir love letter to early cinema.


Allport is thrilled to join Fansu Njie, on Senja Chronicles.  Through their collaborative authorship, fans can expect exciting future epochs from the dynamic Njie-Allport team.

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