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The award-winning filmmakers and authors Fansu Njie and Christopher M. Allport

have teamed up to bring readers a thrilling action-adventure story in their upcoming book,

“Senja Chronicles.”


Set in a beautifully-crafted world of Norse mythology, this book will take readers on a journey of suspense, drama, and excitement. A 500-page novel available exclusively on Amazon in early 2023, with stunning illustrations, and available only as a hardcover.


In “Senja Chronicles,” a Scandinavian hunter’s teenage daughter is kidnapped, and his wife is brutally killed during a home invasion. After the police investigation fails, Sigurd Martinsen is connected to Echo Team, a NATO special-ops unit. Old Norse legends are awakened when Echo’s discoveries go beyond suspected Russian-backed militants and uncover an obsolete, Nazi-created, World War II-era tunnel system. Sigurd and Echo Team find themselves up against an army of trolls who are ready to kill intruders deep within the bowels of Northern Norway’s fabled Segla Mountain.


Fansu Njie and Christopher M. Allport have created a thrilling action-adventure novel that will transport readers to the depths of the Segla Mountain and the terrifying trolls that await them. “Senja Chronicles” is a captivating novel that will excite and entertain readers of all ages.  For readers who love action, adventure, and the supernatural, "Senja Chronicles" is a gripping story of courage, determination, and the power of Norse mythology. An unforgettable journey awaits those willing to take it.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrilling adventure when it releases

exclusively on Amazon in early 2023.

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